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Based on research published in Science Magazine (2022 & 2019)

Femtosecond Projection NanoPrinter

World's only multi-material 3D nanofabrication platform


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World's only multi-material nanofabrication platform


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Ultrafast fabrication of arbitrarily complex 3D structures with 15+ materials and nanoscale resolution

Revolutionize your micro-additive manufacturing research and industrial needs with our generalized nanofabrication platform that offers record breaking material compatibility, resolution, and throughput


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We design and build novel instruments to accelerate discoveries in science and medicine.

Astra Optics Limited, founded by a team of experts in optical engineering, material science, and nanomanufacturing, is a spin-off company from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our ground-breaking 3D nanofabrication technology, i.e., femtosecond projection laser patterning system and hydrogel-based multi-material fabrication platform, has proven records to revolutionize the micro-additive manufacturing industry by overcoming critical bottlenecks in current state-of-the-art solutions, namely, low-throughput (~0.1 mm3/hr) and high fabrication cost ($20/mm3). The FP NanoPrinter is the only truly scalable nano-printing solution that simultaneously demonstrates record resolution (20 nm), throughput (100s mm3/hour), and substantially reduced cost ($1.5/mm3), which is three orders of magnitude faster than existing commercial methods.


Our publications in the Science Magazine in 2019 and 2022

  • We will provide femtosecond projection nanoprinter to leading scientists and laboratories in the universities and research institutions across different fields
  • We will provide industry users for the production of micro- and mesoscale devices in micro-lens, and diffractive optical elements etc.
  • Our system offers multi-material compatibility using a hydrogel substrate and two-photon polymerization (using customized photoresins) for different applications, high-resolution, high-rate, and biocompatible nano-printing

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